clip_image04Established in 2008-09

Students participate in a program that focuses on two strands: Civil Engineering and Environmental Studies. The purpose of the civil engineering program is to prepare students as surveying technicians , mapping technicians, civil engineers, surveyors and urban planners. The content includes, but is not limited to, basic mathematical, scientific, or technical aspects of civil engineering or urban planning; beginning surveying, including mapping natural terrain; and drafting. The Environmental program will focuses on the knowledge of federal, state, and local regulations; ecosystem awareness; water and air quality issues; managing hazardous materials; managing forests, wetlands, fisheries, and wildlife; planning and administering land use; protecting resources; conducting site assessments; sampling procedures; safety procedures; compliance monitoring and quality assurance procedures; and instruction in GIS/GPS technology.

School Website
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Mission Statement
The Academy of Environmental and Urban Planning is committed to exposing students to a rigorous curriculum in the Environmental Science, Planning, and Engineering fields to prepare them for college and careers and provide hands-on, real world experiences with business and community partners.

CHS Academy of Environmental & Urban Planning – Civil Engineering POS 14-15

CHS Environmental Studies POS 14-15