Nease’s Stellar Academy of Engineering Students Win Project Green

Congratulations to Nease’s Project Green competition team, who swept the district competition with a first place win this year. The team, comprised of Alessia Venturi, Mani, Maanasi Vadlam; Richard Bachmann, Tushaar Kumat, and William Mitchell, created Piezoelectric Tiles. The tiles are installed on roadways, and utilize compression from passing cars to control traffic signals. The team not only created a model in AutoCAD, but also designed a working model to show the judges.   Nease’s winning team earned the approval of three professional engineers from the Stellar Academy Advisory Board during the school-based competition, and then beat out teams from Creekside and Pedro Menendez at the district competition in November. The winning team members won not only accolades and bragging rights, but also a monetary reward of $135 per team member.