Established in 2008-09

Students participate in a program that focuses on two strands: Digital Media Technology or Cybersecurity.  The Digital Media track is designed to offer a broad foundation of knowledge and skills to prepare students for employment in digital media, new media, and multimedia positions using Adobe products. Students will learn Adobe’s PhotoShop, DreamWeaver, InDesign and Premiere Pro. Cybersecurity program is designed to offer instruction in computer literacy,  software application support, basic hardware configuration and troubleshooting, networking technologies, troubleshooting, security and administration using windows products. Students may chose to obtain a variety of industry certifications including Microsoft Technical Associate certifications in Operating Systems, Networking, Security+, and Comp TIA.

School Website
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Mission Statement
The Academy of Emerging Technology is committed to exposing students to a rigorous curriculum that challenges students with current and future technologies, provides industry certifications, and prepares them for success in college and careers in high-demand technical fields.

CHS Cybersecurity POS 16-17

CHS Digital Media & Multimedia POS 16-17