Established in 2016-2017

Mission Statement
To provide a small learning community for students to explore careers in law and public safety. Students will develop skills to become career and college ready.

The Academy of Law and Homeland Security has five components, two of which are weighted high school credit.

The first, Criminal Justice One, is a study of theory, best practices, courts, jails, and the juvenile justice system.

Criminal Justice Two exposes the student to the patrol officer on the street including, patrol techniques, report writing, traffic crash investigations, and use of force.

The third year of the program is Criminal Justice Three.  This course is one of two weighted high school credits.  The student will learn crime scene investigation procedures, evidence collection techniques, and the processing of evidence.

In Criminal Justice Four, the student will complete the requirements for the Florida Class D Security Guard license, the Police Service Aide, and be exposed to the 911 Telecommunicator program.  This is the second weighted high school credit.  Along with the Criminal Justice Four program of study, the student may choose to take a separate class for the 911 Telecommunicator and complete the requirements to test for the state dispatch license.

Internship Opportunities
Business partners provide opportunities for students to understand the relevance between education and work-based needs. Each year juniors and seniors are offered opportunities to intern with local law and public safety-based businesses.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our program administrator, Mrs. Katie Maltby at, [email protected], or the program teacher Harold Rutledge at [email protected].

SAHS Law and Homeland Security Program of Study 17-18

CA Contract for Students and Parents 18-19