Established in 2008-09

Students participate in a program that focuses on three strands: Civil Engineering, Applied Engineering and Environmental Studies. The purpose of the civil engineering program is to prepare students as surveying technicians, mapping technicians, civil engineers, surveyors and urban planners. The applied engineering track offers students the opportunity to become emmersed in project management, new product design, industrial processes and production. The content of both programs include, but are not limited to, basic mathematical, scientific, or technical aspects of civil engineering or urban planning; beginning surveying, including mapping natural terrain; and drafting. The Environmental program focuses on the knowledge of federal, state, and local regulations; ecosystem awareness; water and air quality issues; managing hazardous materials; managing forests, wetlands, fisheries, and wildlife; planning and administering land use; protecting resources; conducting site assessments; sampling procedures; safety procedures; compliance monitoring and quality assurance procedures; and instruction in GIS/GPS technology.

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Mission Statement
The Academy of Engineering and Environmental Sciences is committed to exposing students to a rigorous curriculum in the Environmental Science, Planning, and Engineering fields to prepare them for college and careers and to provide hands-on, real -world experiences with business and community partners.

CHS Applied Engineering POS 16-17

CHS Civil Engineering POS 16-17

CHS Environmental Sciences POS 16-17

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