Sharks making many “Great Decisions”

In partnership with University of North Florida, Ponte Vedra High School Academy of International Business and Marketing has kicked off another season of Great Decisions!

Great Decisions is America’s largest discussion program on world affairs, highlighting the most critical global issues facing America today.  The program provides background information and policy options for the eight most crucial situations facing America each year and serves as the focal text for discussion groups that take place across the country.  Four discussions are held in Fall and four in Spring.   The Academy holds the discussions before school and opens its doors to the entire student body, faculty and parents.   There is often standing room only as speakers from UNF faculty and students lead the challenging and insightful dialog.   The first in this year’s series was held on October 26 as guest lecturer, Dr. Lian An, and Dr. Jeffrey Michelman presented Traveling Down the Silk Road, focusing on events and growth in today’s China.  Upcoming topics include:

  • Russia and North Korea in the Trump Political Arena/ Nov. 8
  • Trade & Politics/ Nov. 29